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 We listen, we engage, we understand, we explore, we challenge, we care and most importantly, we stay focused on providing outstanding top agency quality design and development solutions at freelancer prices! We listen, we engage, we understand, we explore, we challenge, we care and most importantly, we stay focused on providing outstanding top agency quality design and development solutions at freelancer prices!

 We listen, we engage, we understand, we explore, we challenge, we care and most importantly, we stay focused on providing outstanding top agency quality design and development solutions at freelancer prices! We listen, we engage, we understand, we explore, we challenge, we care and most importantly, we stay focused on providing outstanding top agency quality design and development solutions at freelancer prices!

What do we mean by
a digital agency?

We are an agency of 22 creatives based in London, including senior graphic and web designers, mobile and web developers as well as digital strategy consultants who can be the engine behind your online success! We specialise primarily in creating the tools and providing the technological and creative solutions that will allow your business to have a solid online presence rapidly within a budget!

Includes Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, Label, Packaging, Business Cards and Powerpoint Design
Includes Website and Mobile Applications, from the intial Prototyping, to Wireframes and Final Screen Designs
Includes Flyer, Poster, Brochure/Leaflet and Label Design to show off your business
Includes advanced WordPress and custom coded websites. From basic portfolio sites to a complex eCommerce stores
Includes social media banners and adverts, infographics and collages for use in promotion
Includes complex web and mobile apps

Are we another typical
digital marketing
agency in London?

Absolutely not! Although our project managers and marketing consultants have extensive experience of working in a typical digital marketing agency and/or with digital marketing agents (experience which they will also bring to the table when discussing your project scope and strategy) from the very beginning we have had 3 core pillars that differentiate us from the majority of other agencies:

Unlike the typical digital marketing agency we have a strong technology and asset focus and are usually little or no help when it comes to content,words and outreach. We have no content writers or social media marketing experts in house ! We instead focus our efforts to create a website or app that works for its purpose, to produce web design that converts, a logo that is remembered, social media adverts that get clicks and search engine optimisation strategies that work!

So in a nutshell of the typical digital marketing agency services we provide:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Affiliate marketing

We take pride in our work and indeed your success is our success! We believe the most important foundation of any business relationship is honesty, so if we can’t do it in time, not by your desired deadline or we do not have the in-house expertise you’ll know this before we even send a formal proposal. As intuitive as this may sound, unfortunately we have heard far too many stories from our customers of their painful digital journeys of false promises, half finished projects and simply inexperienced providers burning through budgets. The caring doesn’t end there though! We believe our role is to listen but to also advise, not to silently nod just to start the project, as we have spent years learning the crafts we now practice so hopefully we can present another few options you hadn’t considered before 🙂

Broadly speaking there are 3 options available to a business in the United Kingdom for outsourcing the creation, maintenance and development of their digital presence (including services such as branding, web design, custom development, digital marketing or other outsourced digital services):

1. The international outsource option: This option of hiring a group of freelancers or agencies around the globe although is very tempting due the lower prices typically has its own shortcomings:

  • Typically ranging between £10 – £20/hour
  • Little control over disclosed information
  • Time and cultural differences causing communication issues
  • Quality control difficulties

So although this option is still a viable one it is very much like playing the roulette where you may get really lucky but also may not

2. The local freelancer option: Now this option is much more tempting, as many of the shortcomings of the international outsource option are overcome and a business can have services delivered quite quickly, still as with everything, there are disadvantages. So let’s consider the typical very highly rated design, development or digital marketing freelancer on a platform like people per hour:

  • Typically ranging between £20 – £40/hour
  • Willingness for calls and ongoing feedback
  • Work overload and physical limitations
  • Very specialised

So this a really good option especially for smaller tasks, yet the biggest shortcomings arrive when the project is large or multidimensional, as in that setting multiple freelancers will need to be hired, each specialising in one area with no guarantee that they will work well together and with a much higher quality control time investment on the business’ side.

3. The local agency option: Last but not least, the good old agency, which certainly is not for everyone. Benefiting from skill sharing from having professionals from multiple fields and with a much larger workforce capable of undertaking very large projects with in house specialists, the typical agencies still have their shortcomings!

  • Greater strategic input from a broader set of expertise
  • One stop solution capability even for large projects
  • Typically ranging between £60 – £200/hour
  • Bureaucratic and slow

So indeed this option is not for everyone, with many agencies only taking projects above £5,000 in value. That said though, the cost isn’t the greatest problem, it’s the bureaucracy and speed of delivery, at least in our opinion having worked in such agencies and the stories from our clients. Typically known for weeks of billed brainstorming with 37 in person meetings before even starting the project the typical agencies are truly a luxury for most businesses!

So which one is us?

None of them! With the above knowledge we have in fact from the beginning aimed to be in the golden middle 🙂 We are an agency, a team of 22 people in fact, but we don’t have an office that you can visit, we don’t hold meetings in person because we just don’t need to! Anything discussed in person can be discussed in a video or phone call, every concept can be reviewed digitally rather than on paper and truth be told we don’t need more than a few calls to create the specification for your project!

So you still get the attention to detail, the breadth of skills, very (VERY) fast turnaround but at a budget! We charge a flat hourly rate of £48/hour (exc. VAT) regardless of whether it’s web design, website development, user experience improvement or branding. In fact, unlike the typical agency which is custom quote only and doesn’t even show a price list, for many of our most popular services we have created fixed price bundles and packages which you can directly buy on our site, so you don’t need to wait for a quote – each offer will tell you exactly what’s included and what’s not for the price and when you can expect the results!

Are we still a marketing agency? Sure we are, except we’re more of a digital agency: one that can also deliver what any web and mobile development company or creative design studio can!

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Our Clients


After a previous catastrophe with a web design company, we plucked up the courage to approach Digital Hero and were not disappointed. Not only did we get a website this time, but it's awesome. Billie and Gor were very patient and accommodating and we are over the moon with our fantastic new website. If you're looking for someone you can trust and rely on, look no further!

The Counting House

I had a simple idea but I was struggling how to explain it properly. Added to the fact, I had no clue at blogs and websites but I need not have worried. Digital Hero immediately understood what I was trying to achieve and gave brilliant ideas that surpassed anything that I could come up with. Digital Hero were extremely patient and understanding with my lack of knowledge about blogs etc. and guided me through the whole thing seamlessly. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done – A brilliant job well done and I will certainly be using your services in the future when my blog evolves. I highly recommend to use Digital Hero’s services, you will be more than happy you did !

Daniel F.
Lifetyle blog

Digital Hero have made a professional website for us with all the functions we need to run our business. They knew exactly what we were looking for in our website and even came up with their own ideas on how to get it perfect for us. Digital Hero were always quick in responding to questions (and there were a lot of them) and nothing was too much trouble for them. I highly recommend Digital Hero for any project you have in mind because they are the best at what they do and you will be amazed at the results.

Gary E.

What convinced us to trust Digital Hero initially was that unlike other designers we have previously worked with, they expressed a genuine interest in our project. Digital Hero were able to design a high-quality logo and label based on an image of a hand-made collage. We went through a number of concepts and colour variations until we were happy with the final design. We were pleasantly surprised how patient and professional Digital Hero remained at all times. We would highly recommend Digital Hero to anyone who is looking for an excellent graphic design team. We look forward to working with you again!

Slavena S.

Digital Hero are fantastic, so creative, professional and full of great advice and recommendations! I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful website and would recommend their services to anyone needing a great website!

Diana P.
This Mummys Tale

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