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Ordo | Bank transfers and invoice tracking made easy.

Gor, Billie and Digital Hero are now practically part of the Ordo team! After a very plain first web site, they transformed it into an award winning web site that we love and everyone compliments! We now use them for everything digital from social media headers, our Christmas advent calendar and email news letters and they are imaginative, responsive and exceedingly talented!

Fliss Berridge

Director and Co-founder

Chefsdrop | Meals made fresh and delivered when you want it.

Our startup needed a website that could get us to market quickly and affordable, while allowing us to charge our members based on our new food delivery model. Digital Hero made it happen! They came through on-time and offered numerous solutions we had not thought of before. In the end, our website had more functionality than we planned, putting our new enterprise ahead of schedule.

Paul Rudolph


BROCSway | Strategic Execution Plans for the work built around your life.

Digital Hero came to the rescue. My website is built on an often-confusing information architecture. Without the proper attention to user experience, my customers would quickly get lost. Digital Hero worked diligently with me to accomplish all my objectives while creating an optimal user interface for my site visitors. The site is built to last and meet all the company’s goals.

Paul Rudolph


Mediserve | A new concept of a Private GP Surgery.

The experience from start to finish was exactly what a Business needed. A professional Group that became part of your Team, that understood your Business and your aspirations and reflected that in the work they carried out for us. Flexible, efficient, thinking outside of the box, understanding , affordable, Team player – phrases and words that aptly describe the Digital Hero Group. Looking forward to working with them on the next several new ventures.

Dr Koyi James Ugboma


The Fertility Medication Centre | Fertility Medication with great savings

I have found them to be professional in their approach to the work, flexible and creative in their suggestions. Nothing is too much trouble and their costs are affordable and good value for money. I would recommend them.

Eddie Kuan


The Counting House | Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

After a previous catastrophe with a web design company, we plucked up the courage to approach Digital Hero and were not disappointed. Not only did we get a website this time, but it’s awesome. Billie and Gor were very patient and accommodating and we are over the moon with our fantastic new website. If you’re looking for someone you can trust and rely on, look no further!

Wendy P.

Bookkeeping Pro

Lavender Logo

Lavender Essential Oils

What convinced us to trust Digital Hero initially was that unlike other designers we have previously worked with, they expressed a genuine interest in our project. Digital Hero were able to design a high-quality logo and label based on an image of a hand-made collage. We went through a number of concepts and colour variations until we were happy with the final design. We were pleasantly surprised how patient and professional Digital Hero remained at all times. We would highly recommend Digital Hero to anyone who is looking for an excellent graphic design team. We look forward to working with you again!

Slavena S.


Company website

Cajoda Protection | Personal Protective Equipment Provider

Very responsive, high quality work and easy to communicate with! Well done!

Jon G.


Digital Switzerland | Making Switzerland a Leading Digital Innovation Hub

Digital Hero have made a professional website for us with all the functions we need to run our platform. They knew exactly what we were looking for in our website and even came up with their own ideas on how to get it perfect for us. They were always quick in responding to questions (and there were a lot of them) and nothing was too much trouble for them. I highly recommend Digital Hero for any project you have in mind because they are the best at what they do and you will be amazed at the results.

Daniela C.

Project Manager

The Counting House | Outsourced Bookkeeping Services.

The guys at Digital Hero are amazing. They put up with us and our many requests for changes to the logo concepts and were very gracious when we went with an original concept that we hadn’t asked for any changes on. They’re angels – I’d have wanted to throttle us. We’ve now got a super new logo ready for our rebrand.

Wendy P.

Bookkeeping Pro

London Law Collective

Billie and Gor did an excellent job! Very responsive and nothing was too much trouble – thank you

Jo Farquharson

Founder & CEO

Fisherley | High Performance & Luxury Motor Cars

The work that Digital Hero delivered was exceptional. So professional from start to finish and excellent communication. I would recommend Digital Hero to anyone looking for a website designer.

Mike C.

Founder and Director

Diana Paquot Logo

Bubble Buggi | Full service bar on wheels

Digital Hero are fantastic, so creative, professional and full of great advice and recommendations! I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful website and would recommend their services to anyone needing a great website!

Diana P.


Company website

How our
Offers Work

All our offers are tried and tested to include everything a buyer would expect from the service when making the purchase, so these offers will most certainly satisfy any company’s needs. Still, if you have any doubts about the specification or have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to message us and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have!

1. Choose your service
You can browse through the list of ready offers above and if you press the "get started" button on any of the offers you'll be presented with a very detailed walkthrough of what the offer includes.
2. Make The Payment
Once you've gone through all the details of the offer and if it all sounds good you can immediately proceed to checkout (during which you can input discount coupon codes) to make the purchase!
3. Prepare & Share Details
In each of the offer pages you'll be presented with exactly what is included in the offer and what you need to prepare to get fastest results. Once you've made the purchase we will get in touch within a few hours and walk you through all the parts aswell!
4. Enjoy The Process!
Once we have discussed and finalised the specifications we'll get started immediately, and typically you can expect to see some draft results within a week. All that is left for you is to provide detailed feedback, and we will continue refining and perfecting!

Frequently Asked

In essence custom web design can be considered a luxury service. As you may know there are thousands of ready templates and designs that you can choose from which come at a fraction of the price. If looking for a quick and budget solution going with “guided design” with one of these ready templates might as well be the best route. However, none of these templates will be able to truly capture your brand. Furthermore, most certainly a few similarly designed websites will exist and it is truly difficult to find templates or themes that will mesmerize visitors and permanently engrave your brand in their memories. Last but definitely not least, very few ready designs will be optimized to your website goals.

On the contrary, with our custom web design service every single detail in the design is thought about. From layout and colours to iconography and typography, everything is tailored to truly convey your brand and achieve high conversion on the goals you have, whether it may be for the visitor to purchase, get in touch or simply share the website: everything is thought through! Thus to put in perspective, it takes us around 10-12 hours of work to put a concept together (excluding revisions)! So whether you need this service or not essentially boils down to a trade-off between quality and price, and that’s ultimately for you to decide!

Custom design is specifically for web design only and does not include any development. Within this offer you get a fully custom designed webpage, with everything from layout to icons tailor-made just for your brand. You also get the fully editable source file ready for development (this is typically a Figma link unless desired otherwise). 

Once you have this design, you can decide whether you want us to create the page in WordPress or have it coded in HTML / CSS /JS.

We can only build a custom developed HTML / CSS /JS web page with a Figma/Sketch/Adobe XD/Photoshop design to work from. If you do not want to pay for a custom design stage, we can help you find a suitable WordPress theme and create your website using this existing theme.

WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace are all examples of CMS (Content Management Systems).

Wix and Squarespace have similarities in their easy-to-use interface, low-cost options and accessibility to new web designers, but also in their shortcomings with respect to scalability and customisation. Both are better suited for simple websites, such as blogs and portfolios, but SquareSpace offers more eye-catching designs and Wix has more variety of templates.

For complete control over your website, for the potential for customisation and scalability, and for the availability of a wide range of plugins and features, WordPress is by far the best option. WordPress is less beginner-friendly: we’ve invested the time and energy in becoming complete experts in WordPress development to deliver you custom WordPress sites so you don’t have to learn an entirely new skill! Once your WordPress site is created though, you will be able to easily maintain and update without our assistance.

So in a nutshell: if you’re only interested in having a basic website, with limited functionality then you can build and manage it without the need of experienced developers in Wix or SquareSpace, all by yourself. If you’re looking for a website with some more complex functionality, with a unique design and lower monthly fees then we’re here to help! (-unless learning how to use WordPress is on your bucket list 😉)

As the name suggests, the difference is in the number of pages – a one-page anchor website is typically used as a landing page or for informational purposes. The difference from a standard landing page is that this one page website can still have a navigation menu at the top, like a multi-page website, except instead of linking to different pages, the navigation menu items when pressed scroll to the relevant section on the page. Each section that can be “auto-scrolled” to from the navigation menu has an “anchor” placed in the code, thus name: anchor website!

The vast majority of our websites are built with WordPress – a user friendly CMS. We set up the structure and layout of your site on WordPress, and once we sign off the project, we provide a screen recording tutorial showing how you can easily edit contents, upload blogs, add products and change pretty much anything you need to (as long as it’s not drastic structural changes).

We believe as the business owner, you should be in full control of your website without relying on us for simple updates – such as updating product prices and descriptions, uploading blogs and other contents.

If updating your site isn’t something you’re interested in doing however, we do provide monthly maintenance packages. Please get in touch for more information!

Each of our services have their own “Frequently Asked Questions” section. You can find the answer under “Payment and timeline” within these FAQs.

Each of our services have their own “Frequently Asked Questions” section. You can find the answer under “How this Offer Works” within these FAQs.

Absolutely! You can reverse image search any concept or variation we provide, and even individual components of the design, everything we design is made from scratch fully tailored to your brand!

Certainly! From the moment you make the payment all rights to all concepts and variations developed during your project, including the final designs pass to you. We do however reserve the right (unless discussed otherwise in advance) to present the work done for you as part of our portfolio. Finally, upon completion you are also provided with the source file for the design, which can then be passed on to other designers or companies (such as a printing company) for their use.