digitalswitzerland is a Swiss-wide, multi-stakeholder initiative created from the shared vision of its over 150 members to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading innovation hub.

digitalswitzerland reached out to us for the design of their new website, The goal of this new site is to bring the Swiss population closer to digitalisation, through easy access to information, taking part in discussions on current topics, and to learn tangible digital skills for use in daily life.

The main challenge for this project was ensuring our design catered for the 400+ events happening during November 2020, both livestreams and at physical locations.

We achieved this through use of familiar filters and a clean grid layout, so users don’t feel lost navigating through the page.

Each featured video has a collapsible comments and poll section, keeping users engaged for longer 🙂

So visitors can clearly distinguish offline and online events, we featured an interactive map alongside the evens list.

Daniela C.

Project Manager