Includes Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, Label, Packaging, Business Cards and Powerpoint Design

Who is this for?

In particular, these offers are specifically designed for offline small and medium sized businesses, from local retailers to partnerships and sole traders providing services in their local communities with the core objectives of:

Getting your brand presented online, visible to new customers and accessible to existing regulars!
Showcasing your products in the best fashion as fast as possible, with payment and notification systems set up for you to start receiving delivery orders immediately!
Creating a new channel of revenues with little to no fixed costs!
Helping sustain and hopefully grow your businesses in these times of uncertainty!

What to expect?

More precisely, as part of these offers you will receive a one page Wordpress with Woocommerce website with a layout and styling tailored to your existing brand: that your loyals so much love and appreciate! In addition, we will create a beautiful product template that you’ll be able to reuse for publishing all your products live and provide detailed screen recordings showing you how to edit and manage your site going forward :)
There’s more: we’ll also create and configure your google my business, Facebook business and Instagram accounts as well as adding social sharing and facebook live chat functionalities so your customers can always stay connected!
Last but not least, we’ll get your website connected to Google Analytics and search console and if you’d like also create your first two facebook & instagram PPC campaigns so you can track & optimise everything about your website when you launch it like a rocket!